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Study in Canada

Canada is a combination of natural environment and its high quality education due to which it has attracted and is still attracting international students to come and study in Canada.

Canada's Diplomas, Degrees are highly recognized globally and at the same time graduates with work experience in Canada meetup the standards of multinational companies which come to for campuses offering placements.

Canadian education system is based on research post secondary education which is supported by the Government of Canada for all its students; due to the high global recognition the set entry criteria's are competitive.

With wide range of Universities, Community colleges and private colleges, Canada ensures the delivery of standard education as per their aspirations and expectation for international students with state of art infrastructure.

Apart from the above mentioned all the international students are entitled to work for 40hours per fortnight during studies and can work full time(40hours per week ) in semester breaks and vacations according to their eligibility to support their living costs which majorly depends on the University, College whether they encourage work during study.

Levels of Study offered: Bachelors, Masters, MBA .

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