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Geography of United States of America

The Unites States of America is the third largest country in the world having varied land areas, geographical features and population. The continent is located in the Northern Hemisphere with Pacific Ocean on the west, Atlantic Ocean on the East, Mexico on the South and Canada on the North. The entire United States of America is divided into 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska that are adjoined. Hawaii island is located in the Pacific Ocean and Alaska is located in northwest of Canada. The population of United States is also third largest behind China and India. There are many places in U.S. that are densely populated whereas there are also sparsely populated rural areas.

The economy of United States of America is a union of 50 states and is third largest economy in the world. By type, it is a mixed economy that means it is a free market economy. Though there is free entry and exit of consumer goods and business services, the government regulates the economy to protect the interest of all. The constitution of America created to protect its mixed economy nature. The U.S. budget is federal with most of its revenue from income taxes. The major expenses go towards three categories – social security benefits, medicare and military spending. The economy of U.S. represents 20% of the total global output and is larger than China. According to IMF, U.S. has sixth highest per capita GDP. It is the second largest manufacturer of higher-value products like automobiles, aerospace, telecommunication, machinery, and chemicals. Agriculture stands only 2% of the output.

Being the third-largest country, the weather across the continent varies a lot. In general, summers are hot and humid in the southern states and plains and the southwest is hot and dry. California and Florida are known for endless summers while the summers in Pacific Northwest comes with cool mornings and pleasant evenings. The north and northeast and the western mountains are often cold with snowfall and sub-freezing temperatures. Tornadoes are common occurrence in the central part of the U.S. Hurricanes occasionally hit the Gulf of Mexico and eastern coastline during June and October.

Before visiting U.S. make sure to understand its culture and social behaviour. People in United States strongly believe and respect individualism and liberty. They consider to be a separate individual who are in control of themselves and not a part of any family, community, tribe or nation. They believe in equality and therefore, behave informal many times. Don’t be surprised with their informal speech, dress code, and expression of thoughts as they may appear rude, whereas it is their social behaviour. Their communication will be direct and clear and don’t hesitate to be straightforward.

Hosting thousands of academic programs, world-class institutions, and flexibility, U.S. offers abundant education opportunities that are uncomparable on the planet. The population of international students in United States of America is more than ten lakh which makes it the world’s largest. Students from different parts of the world choose to study in U.S. to broaden their education and life experiences. U.S. Department called Education U.S.A. with over 425 international students around the world offer comprehensive, latest and accurate information about the benefits of education at accredited post-secondary institutions settled in U.S. Education U.S.A. serves as an official source on U.S. higher education.

U.S.A. is a big country and moving from one city to another takes lot of time which makes train or buses unpopular in the country. To travel different cities, people prefer flights as that is the economical than railways or roadways. Within city, the taxis are available only in public areas like airports, casinos, or market areas. Otherwise, you have to depend upon taxi companies or Uber hiring services. Most of the people across U.S. prefer to travel by their own car and not taxis. If as a student you cannot afford to own a car you can still take buses that is a private service and is affordable. Transport facility from universities is not a common practice.

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Sydney
  • Columbia University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California
  • University of Michigan
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Illinois
  • University of North Carolina

The entry in any U.S. university depends upon the level of education that you are seeking. The minimum requirement to join the university is fluency with English language and then an academic record of 65% and above for humanities and 70-80% for Science/ Commerce specialities is required. To prove English proficiency, you should score good in IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson Test of English (PTE) followed by SAT/ACT scores for Undergraduate Degrees and GRE/GMAT scores for Postgraduate Degrees.

USA is one of the most preferred countries for international students for higher studies. The tuition fee in USA is generally more compared to other destinations like Australia,U.K. and Canada The average tuition fee for international students is US$22,000 per year for arts and humanities whereas subjects like science and engineering are little expensive with tuition fee of US$35,000 , living expenses vary from state to state, on an average US$800-1200 PM.For more details on this, you can reach us on 77995 06000.

When you are studying in U.S. it gets very difficult to afford the tuition fee and spend on living also. You can work for 20 hours when school sessions are going and during holidays you can work full time too.

Post Study Entitlement

Students are entitled to stay and gain international work experience for 2yrs post their studies .

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